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We are committed to student success and improvement. Students, teachers and parents place high standards on academic excellence. We continue to focus on the areas of reading, math and writing. Students in need of additional assistance receive interventions in the area of reading and math. We strive to improve the climate of the school by improving attendance and recognizing positive student accomplishments.



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Julie Bainbridge, Principal (email)
1700 California Avenue
Klamath Falls, OR
phone: (541) 883-4772
fax: (541) 883-4752

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elementary fees

Beginning Fall 2015, all four elementary schools (Conger, Mills, Pelican, Roosevelt) will collect a flat school supply fee for students during registration.

This new process will make school supply shopping more convenient and affordable for families, and allow schools to obtain certain brands and quantities desired for students.

$25 for a Single student in grades K-5
$35 for a Family with multiple children at one school.

Please pay School Supply fees, and the additional playground equipment fee of $3.00 per child, at each school during registration.

**Each student will need a backpack and bring it to school every day**

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