First Week of School

Klamath Union High School can be quite intimidating. A bigger school, bright lights, can surely scare any freshman on their first day of school.

Staff at Klamath Union put together an inclusive assembly from the get-go of their freshman's first day of school this past Tuesday.

Staff at Klamath Union, upperclassman in clubs and sports, filled the room at Pel Court to help calm any nerves for the brand new ninth graders.

Principal Tony Swan began with words to welcome his freshman class and introduced the rest of his staff at KU.

"We want you to feel welcomed here. We want you to be encouraged to be here. We want you to scream loud at assemblies and at sporting events. It is just you here today, and we want to help you today with any questions you may have before the upperclassman get here tomorrow," Swan said.

Students then participated in activities, games and some earned free t-shirts. Once they met their advisory teacher, the freshman roamed Klamath Union. Each advisory class rotated after 30 minutes and had a chance to check out a Chromebook, get a tour, hear expectations and credit requirements and were greeted by members of the Klamath Union Cheerleading team to prepare themselves for fall sporting events.

For the second half of the day, students had a shorted schedule to meet their teachers and see where their classes were.

A look into elementary school at Conger

During the second day of school, Conger Elementary School Principal Sara Johnson and her staff instructed students how they should behave during recess time.

Split into groups, Johnson helped her students remember the school's after school pick-up procedure, along with where they will meet for getting on the school bus.

Some of Conger's paraprofessionals then helped students understand rules of games such as tether ball, four square and how to properly use a swing set. Students also were encouraged on how to store playground equipment and how to enjoy their recess time effectively.

"We want them to understand when they hear the whistle, we want them to react respectfully and not leave a soccer ball laying around but to take back their equipment to bins and not leave it over the field," Conger Child Development Specialist, Margaret Adam, said. "It was a long summer and we want them to really enjoy the time they get while they are playing."