KFCS Board of Education Recognized

Photo: The KFCS Board of Education poses for a photo with KFCS Superintendent, Keith A. Brown.

This month is very important for some of the most significant decision makers we have at Klamath Falls City Schools, our Board of Education. The month of January is recognized as School Board Recognition Month.

During this month's Board of Education meeting, there was on outpour of recognition for our seven members of the Board of Education, Vanessa Bennett, Patrick Fenner, Kathy Hewitt, Trina Perez, Lori Theros, Carol Usher and Ashley Wendt-Lusich.

After each presentation came and left, a big thank you was sent in the direction of the board members. As a token of appreciation, KFCS Superintendent Keith A. Brown, one by one, gave a recognition to each board member and handed out a certificate of appreciation as well as a chocolate bar and a flower with a note which said, "thank you for helping us grow."

We cannot say thank you enough to our Board of Education for the time they spend on helping make some of the most difficult decisions made here at Klamath Falls City Schools. Their effort throughout the years is more than appreciated and want to continue to show our gratitude for them throughout the rest of this month and the rest of the year.

Here are some photos from this past Monday's Board Meeting.