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Afterschool programs inspire kids to learn, help them make better decisions, and give parents peace of mind. Programs spark greater interest in school so students attend school more often, get better grades, and are more likely to graduate, but the demand for these programs far exceeds the supply. Nationwide, only 1 in 3 families who want afterschool for their children has access to programs. 21st Century Community Learning Centers provide afterschool and summer learning opportunities in every state. Programs are selected for funding based on their ability to meet the needs of students and families and their connection to educational priorities in the state.

Community Learning Centers Provide:

  • Opportunities for new, hands-on, academically enriching learning experiences to meet the challenging state academic standards.

  • A broad array of additional services, programs, and activities, focusing on subjects like STEM, physical fitness and wellness, drug and violence prevention, nutrition and health education, service learning, youth development, and arts and music.

  • Activities that tie into in-demand industry sectors or occupations that are designed to reinforce and complement the academic program of participating students, including, but not limited to, financial and environmental literacy, career readiness, internships, and apprenticeships.

  • Families of students with opportunities for active and meaningful engagement in their children’s education, including opportunities for literacy and related educational development.

Students Improve Academic Success:

  • Students who have regularly participate in Community Learning Centers have improved their school attendance, class participation and behavior, homework completion, and their reading and math achievement scores and grades.

  • Regular participation in afterschool programs helped narrow the achievement gap between high and low-income students in math, improved academic and behavioral outcomes, and reduced school absences.

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