ThoughtExchange - Engaging Families in Two-Way Conversation

In today's world of seemingly unlimited ways for a school district to communicate with families, engaging with them and receiving feedback is very important.

In fact, the Kent School District (KSD) has set a goal to provide a method for parents and community members to provide feedback in order to gauge satisfaction with specific educational programs and initiatives taking place in our schools.

We use a communications tool called ThoughtExchange. It allows the sharing thoughts confidentially to ensure all voices are heard and all divergent views can come to light around a shared topic of interest or concern.

ThoughtExchange is not a survey tool, rather, it engages interaction as people respond anonymously with other participants.

  1. A broad question is posed and people are invited to respond.

  2. Thoughts are shared anonymously with others participating in the exchange.

  3. Participants rate (using 1-5 stars) their agreement with each thought.

  4. Data is gathered for analysis and used as input for decision-making.

Information learned through ThoughtExchange will be used to gauge parent and community participation and understanding in interactions with school staff and administrators. 


Frequently Asked Questions