Klamath Falls City Schools has made a recent partnership with Care Solace, a 24/7/365 Mental Health Care Coordination Service for Klamath Falls City Schools students, staff and their families.

KFCS is committed to the well-being of all students, staff, and their families and partnered with Care Solace to provide an additional layer of support.

Care Solace navigates the mental health care system on your behalf to find community-based providers and secure appointments as quickly as possible with the best care possible. Care Solace coordination services are paid for by Klamath Falls City Schools and are provided to you at no cost.

At any time, students, staff, and families may contact our 24/7/365 multilingual team of Care Companions at 888-515-0595, or use your district’s custom link: caresolace.com/kfalls to confidentially find providers on their own.