In and Out of District Transfers

By Oregon State Law and Klamath Falls City Schools policy, students are assigned to a "home school" in their "home district" based on the legal resident address of their parent or legal guardian.  To confirm your home school, please access boundary information on our website or contact Mary Holder at the district office at 541-883-4700 ext. 7138

Following their completition, both INTRAdistrict and INTERdistrict transfer forms should be returned to the district office 1336 Avalon Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97603 in person or by postal service.

INTRAdistrict Transfers

An INTRAdistrict transfer is for students wishing to transfer schools within the district.

Available to students who live inside Klamath Falls City Schools boundaries. Students can apply any time for the current school year, the application window for the upcoming year opens February 1. For details please see our intradistrict policy.

If your student is currently attending Klamath Home Learning Academy and you are requesting a transfer back into their neighborhood school, please choose Klamath Home Learning Academy where it asks you to choose the attendance area you reside in and choose your neighborhood school as the school you are requesting your child to attend. Check box 4 and type “Returning to neighborhood school from Klamath Home Learning Academy” along with any other relevant information.

2024-2025 "In district transfer form"

INTERdistrict Transfers

The district offers a variety of programs and services designed to meet the individual needs of all its students. Nevertheless, the Board of Education recognizes there may be circumstances that arise in which a resident student may benefit from attendance in another public school district. Consequently, a student who resides within district boundaries may be released to attend school in another district that agrees to accept the student. This transfer requires approval from both the resident district and the receiving district. Interdistrict transfer requests need to be started in the district in which you reside in. Students can apply any time for the current school year, the application window for the upcoming year opens April 1.

2024-2025 "Out of district transfer form"