School Closures, Delays & Shortened Days Due to Inclement Weather

Occasionally the weather (or other unforeseen circumstances) in Klamath County requires us to take special action as to school closures and early dismissal. The following plan outlines our process to inform you when school will not be held as regularly scheduled.

If it is necessary to close school due to bad weather (or other unforeseen circumstances), the local TV and radio stations listed below will broadcast announcements. Additionally, the information will be posted on one or both of the districts’ websites after 6:00 a.m.

Once a decision is made to dismiss school early due to bad weather (or other unforeseen circumstances), announcements will be made on the same local TV, radio stations periodically throughout the day and again the information will be posted on each districts’ website.

Please do not telephone the stations, the school, or the school district office. Arrangements have been made with the stations to broadcast the information to you.

Thank you for your help.

  • KLAD Radio 92.5 FM

  • KAGO Radio 1150 AM

  • KKRB 107 FM

  • KFLS 1450 AM

  • KOTI-TV Channel 2

  • KDKF-TV Channel 31 (cable channel 13)

  • KTVL-TB Channel 10

How Does the District Decide to Close/Delay Schools?

When the Klamath Falls City Schools makes the decision to close during inclement weather conditions, the decision is not made lightly. Student safety is the most important factor in all of our decisions. The district administration, transportation department, and maintenance department work in collaboration with the Klamath Falls City Street Department, Klamath County Street Department, ODOT, the Klamath County School District, and the National Weather Service to reach a decision based on best information.

When weather forecasts indicate there will be snow or ice on roadways, the KFCS transportation supervisor and maintenance supervisor hit the roadways at 4:00 AM to drive the significant and trickier bus routes in the district to determine if conditions will be safe for students and buses by the time students need to be picked up at bus stops. An assessment of road conditions and a recommendation based on the collaboration with the aforementioned team regarding closure/delay is provided and Superintendent Brown then makes the final determination to either close or delay school, or to remain open.

Once a decision has been made, school administrators are contacted, and a text/email/phone call goes out to notify staff, parents and students about the closure/delay. The district posts the information before 5:30 AM on its website and social media. Local media are also contacted to help get the word out.

Question: How can my child's school be impacted by weather?
Answer: In the event school needs to be delayed, cancelled or released early (due to an unexpected weather event occurring during school hours), the following decisions are possible:

  • Normal school hours-Snow routes: Some bus routes in higher elevations change due to snow or slick road conditions. Snow routes are posted ahead of time.

  • Cancellation: School and district would be closed after a decision has been made to cancel school or not. Essential safety personnel may be asked to work if it is safe to do so.

  • Two-hour delayed start (regular routes OR snow routes) School would begin two hours after regularly scheduled start time. Regular bus routes or snow routes may run, depending on road conditions.

  • Releasing school early: School would be released early due to hazardous road conditions. Buses may run regular routes or snow routes may run, depending on road conditions.

Question: How do you decide if the school day needs to be canceled or delayed?
Answer: We always put student safety first, using all available data, including working closely with the National Weather Service, City and County Street Departments, and others to make the best decision possible.

  • Day Before Possible Event:

    • 5:00 PM - Phone call with KCSD superintendent and the National Weather Service.

    • 5:30-6:00 PM - Snow team forecast check-in (If a decision can be made at the time, we will do so. More than likely, the district will wait to see what happens overnight).

    • 11:00 PM - Snow team forecast check-in (if there are major changes).

  • Day of Possible Event:

    • 4:00 AM - Physically check road conditions (multiple sites around the district).

    • 5:00 AM - Phone call with KCSD superintendent, National Weather Service, Klamath Falls City Street Department, Klamath County Street Department, and ODOT.

    • 5:15 AM - Decision based on physical data, the National Weather Service forecast and the input of the Klamath Falls City Street Department, Klamath County Street Department, ODOT. If roads in our boundaries are unsafe for driving and the forecast.

Question: How will the district notify families of a shortened day (mid-day early release)?
Answer: Once a decision is made to have a shortened day and to release students early the district will do the following:

  • Post to website, contact local media, post on social media, emails to staff and families.

  • Automated phone calls and text messages to staff and families.