Mills Elementary Positive Choices Assembly

Every month at Mills Elementary School, students are recognized for their positive choices they display throughout the school day.

Their positive actions displayed toward their teachers and classmates is observed and rewarded with a certificate and a chance to participate and win an activity during an assembly. Here is what is looked for in a student to earn the recognition.

  • Holding the door for someone

  • Walking away from an argument or fight

  • Standing quietly in the corral

  • Lined up quickly after the recess bell

  • Follow adult directions

  • Telling an adult about a dangerous situation

  • Using an appropriate voice level in the cafeteria

  • Pick up all the balls at recess

Here are the students recognized this month

RISE Class

Teacher: O’toole

Student awarded: Jayme Horsley


Teacher: Campbell

Student awarded: Eduardo Hernandez-Aguayo

Teacher: Pershal

Student awarded: Anevay Granillo

First Grade

Teacher: Butler

Student awarded: Nicholas Kimbol

Teacher: Najar

Student awarded: Larry Viramontes

Teacher: Smith

Student awarded: Madelyne Hernandez

Second Grade

Teacher: Cramer

Student awarded: Jane McGowen

Teacher: Cruz

Student awarded: Emilia Beltran

Third Grade

Teacher: Miller

Student awarded: Kyla Gish

Teacher: Johnson

Student awarded: Carlos Gonzalez-Swaim

Fourth Grade

Teacher: Fernandez

Student awarded: Everett McMurray

Teacher: Landrum

Student awarded: Alejandro Torres-Aguayo

Fifth Grade

Teacher: Jones
Student awarded: Alexander Clawson

Teacher: Najar

Student awarded: Lilly Titus